Pacific Blues – 7″ Vinyl EP


Side A – 1.
Sun’s Nocturne 03:27
Side A – 2.
Cigarette Break 03:03
Side B – 1.
Midnight Drives 03:17
Side B – 2.
Pacific Blues 02:40


There’s a lot about this EP that is incredibly transitional, but honestly I stand by it as the first truly great collection of songs that I wrote and produced. It’s all about an emotional ride across the country from Chicago (Sun’s Nocturne), into the rocky mountains of Colorado (Cigarette Break), passing through Salt Lake City (Midnight Drives), ending in San Francisco (Pacific Blues). Cross-country travel can inspire all kinds of changes in an individual, and this album is about how that inspired me at one of my lowest points, to a sobering conclusion in one of the most disingenuous cities in the US. Drowning out my sorrows in travel was my favorite past-time, so that’s what this EP is all about. Hope you enjoy!

All four tracks of the EP on one thick, clear, digestible vinyl, pressed by FunkyFrankenstein!



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