Short Bio

Going by the alias Gavin and the Piano, Gavin Serafini’s debut album, Look In The Mirror, is an emotionally charged concept album, bursting with passionate vocals and vibrant melodies, interwoven with a harrowing reflection of his family and the generational abuse that every inch of the music is clawing away from. Intimately personal, the 12-track album employs instrumentals reminiscent of the Baroque Pop era, with its string and horn arrangements beside eerie organs, electric guitar, and booming Rock drums, all wrapped together with Beach Boys-inspired harmonies.

Written and produced entirely by himself, even down to the CDs and Tapes for its physical release, it was, if nothing else, a distinct statement that Gavin and the Piano was an artist to watch. Only a year later comes the 4-song EP, Pacific Blues, and the polished sound has only grown. The warm guitars and far-reaching synths paint distinct settings with such detail that you might even feel the wind against your skin just as the track describes. The harmonies haven’t left though, and go from being as relaxed as an easy Autumn day in Sun’s Nocturne, to ripping through your ears with a new fierceness in Midnight Drives. Without overstaying its welcome, the EP comes and goes with the singular goal of being universally enjoyable.

Perhaps most notably, Pacific Blues was accompanied on release with a promotional webpage featuring a 3D Interactable coffee shop, freely available on his website. The rich pixel art and unmistakable flavor present acts as a perfect companion piece to the EP and shows that Gavin and the Piano is absolutely more than just a music alias: it’s a multimedia experience.

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